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Jonathan Marshall

    Hi Lukas,

    I have two pairs of the HS8s and love them. Haven't heard scratching noises but for a while I was plagued by mains hum which turned out to be the mains wiring. The guy who wired up the house decided two earths were better than one and the power points in the living room are wired to different earths on opposite sides of the building! Some things to try:

    * Always use balanced TRS cables into the HS8s.
    * Do the noises continue if you unplug the cables into the monitors?
    * Work from the monitors back through the system - swapping mixers, interfaces, cables and such to try and isolate where the noises come from.
    * Plug all the gear into a multi-box from the one power outlet to rule out mains wiring issues.

    I had a mixer that had serious noise issues and that turned out to be the voltage regulators in the power supply failing. Also dodgy cables - I use a Behringer CT100 cable tester, plug in the cord and wiggle both ends near the plug. It has latching LEDs that stay lit if there is any sort of momentary disconnect on the cable.

    Let us know how you get on.