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(Knot Hardly) Jay

    i have a set of Ultrasone 900 Pros that i really love but they are/were quite expensive and i certainly don't use them for everyday beaters but i have been looking at and interested in the Fostex T60RP. they are planar magnetic which has been around since the '70s i think but the old ones were big and bulky, quite expensive and needed a lot of power to push them properly. but today's technology with new materials it seems the planars are coming back cheaper in price and not needing so much power. the Fostex T60RP are semi-open and have real african mahogany shells which some say softens the little bit of reflected sound back to the ear. according to most the planars are more articulate comparatively to dynamics and tend to be quicker to respond to changes in frequency

    i know Warren likes the Blues (Sadies but also has the Lolas) and they (Blue) even have the Ellas which are planars but priced about $700 (ouch) was just about to grab some Lolas for everyday use until i saw the T60RP on sale making them about the same price as the Lolas so i have been quite interested in the technology and do want another open back (or semi) to replace my AKG K240 which are on their last leg

    any thoughts on planar magnetic technology?

    p.s. just a side note... i like the Beyer DT880s sound but i really don't like not having a detachable cable that can be easily replaced. 🙁



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