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    Brandon Novak

      Hello community!

      My Sennheiser HD 280 pros are falling apart - they're about 10 yrs old. What are folks using for headphones? Direct Sound? AKG? For me, I it's a mix use; Drum tracking and mixing.


      Jason Davenport

        Love my hd 280 pro's. Mine are about 6 years old. The earcups and cable can be replaced if you would like to hang on to them...

        Brandon Novak

          Oh, yes! i didn't know about that. Thanks!

          face (chris) Janton

            I use ATH-M40fs (not M40x) which I can wear literally for 6 hours at a time. I got replacement ear cups so that have some life still.

            If they ever give it up I will probably just use ATH-M40x or M50x which are quite comfortable.

            I am very happy with the sound.

            Mixing - ATH-R70x reference cans

            Mark Beeson

              I have a pair of the Audio Technica MD50s that I really like. Also have a pair of the Sennheiser HD380s. I like to mix on the ATs but I also listen on the 380's just for reference sake. I like the 380's also because the 31db of attenuation. The ATs wore out pretty quickly and I had to get replacement pads for them. I use Sennheiser HD 180's for clients.

              Martin Østervig Larsen

                I love the beyer DT-770's (have four pairs). Great for both tracking and mixing. For drum tracking maybe get the isolated version - can't remember what they are called.

                There are many great headphones out there. So try some and see what suit you. Remember that it's not just about the sound but also about being comfortable if your gonna wear for long periods of time and isolation if your tracking.


                (Knot Hardly) Jay

                  i have a set of Ultrasone 900 Pros that i really love but they are/were quite expensive and i certainly don't use them for everyday beaters but i have been looking at and interested in the Fostex T60RP. they are planar magnetic which has been around since the '70s i think but the old ones were big and bulky, quite expensive and needed a lot of power to push them properly. but today's technology with new materials it seems the planars are coming back cheaper in price and not needing so much power. the Fostex T60RP are semi-open and have real african mahogany shells which some say softens the little bit of reflected sound back to the ear. according to most the planars are more articulate comparatively to dynamics and tend to be quicker to respond to changes in frequency

                  i know Warren likes the Blues (Sadies but also has the Lolas) and they (Blue) even have the Ellas which are planars but priced about $700 (ouch) was just about to grab some Lolas for everyday use until i saw the T60RP on sale making them about the same price as the Lolas so i have been quite interested in the technology and do want another open back (or semi) to replace my AKG K240 which are on their last leg

                  any thoughts on planar magnetic technology?

                  p.s. just a side note... i like the Beyer DT880s sound but i really don't like not having a detachable cable that can be easily replaced. 🙁



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                  Magnus Johansson

                    Mixing i use open back akg k702, tracking closed back audio technical ath-50x. Prefer the akg with or without eq correction.
                    I used some shure 840, sounded ok but broke. Don't recommend those due to design. 940 looks better.

                    Ken Nilsen

                      Hi. I have 3 sets of HP's. A set of BD DT770, which I use most of the time. An old set of AKG K240 (which gets used when I have other people here), and an even older set of AKG K401 that I use for general listening (laptop, phone etc) purposes.
                      All the best.

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                        Hi! I recently bought the Blue Lola headphones. I use them them mainly for mixing. But I can't wear them for an hour on end, they are unbelievably tight around my head. Do you guys know a solution to make them looser and not breaking them in the process of course? 😉

                        Sergio Sánchez

                          Hi guys! I have been using my AKG K240 for 15 years. They sound good, are really comfortable and now they are cheap. I have also a K 271 for the musician and a k 171 for my live events. I can use all for hours without fatigue or headache, what is very important for me.

                          Adrian Lomas

                            Up until a few months ago I was tracking and listening via DT150s. I've since purchased a pair of AKG 240 Studios and so listen and mix on those - obviously not closed and much, much lighter! I do find both to feel a bit hot but that might be excess steam coming out of my ears!

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