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Guido tum Suden

    Hi Erik,

    just like I do it, except one thing.
    My subgroups are already there because I'm using a template. Okay, some subgroups are not used every time, say, a song doesn't have acoustic guitars, but it saves so much time, I rather have a few prepared in advance busses too much.
    The most time saving part of the template are the effect groups, one for delays, one for reverbs and one for extra vocal processing. Typical plugins are already installed, some outlive the song, some are changed.

    These are:

    – Slap
    – Short
    – Long
    – Ping Pong

    – Drum Room
    – Snare
    – Toms
    – Room
    – Plate
    – Hall
    – Spring

    – Exciter
    – Distortion
    – 8va
    – 8vb
    – Breath Sound from Vocoder
    – Microshifter (H3000 Effect)