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    I love the Kenny Vids! Not to mention his accent sounds a little like Christopher Walken. 🙂

    Thanks for reading my post and answering. I appreciate the effort sir.

    The difference I see there is what he is doing with the effects (modulating a parameter), but the fundamentals of how a signal is run for example, from a track back to that track (appears to me) via a sidechain (some type of signal processing/attenuation etc..).

    I believe the link to my post asking if I was performing a sidechain with the eq, gate, comp, was exactly a sidechain in use on a particular track. Do you see something I'm missing?

    But hey, I most certainly am still learning. I just think that there are many functions and configurations of a "sidechain". If we split a signal from its original track and do something with it separate of it's original signal path, then put it back into the path to affect a change, all without having to create a new track, haven't we used a "chain" on the side/parallel to the main signal? similar also is the Kenny vid on Ducking the music for voice over.

    This is exactly why, along with the Reaper Forum, that I am going to go through as much of this PLAP info as I can too. I WANT to be good at this... and will be... I hope.. 🙂

    Can't wait to try that parameter modulation chain. Of course I'll have to "need" to do that somewhere... But man, that there is some good stuff!