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    Hi Timmymac,

    I might be wrong, but I believe that new potential clients need to see some equipment.
    Even if it's hired equipment...for a project.
    It has to be more than a bedroom with a Macbook pro and a pair of budget speakers.
    A picture is worth a thousand words. We need to be heard and seen in context.

    M.Christensen (Engine Room Audio) :
    'If you dont have the upper echelon gear, people dont want to even talk to you about the big projects..'
    'Having good ears and knowing what you want to accomplish are the main things, but there's obviously a big
    difference between mastering on a ProTools rig and doing it in a fully-outfitted facility''

    I used to have blogs with link to my website. Ultimately I realized that my mixes and equipment were not on par with
    the work and image of successful mixers. No matter how I advertised myself, the content was not strong enough to generate interest.

    Let's say I had the traffic but no sales.
    So now I am working on my mixing skills and compare (reference) my work with professional mixers 24/7.
    and's painful ;-(......but small progresses are made (hopefully).

    The advantage with PLAP is the quality of the songwriting that goes into the sessions. It's excellent.
    Showcasing mixing skills on poor performances and/or mediocre songs (structure , lyrics, arrangement) will reflect negatively.
    (As if we were not good enough to work with pro musicians). In that case the 'before and after' sample is essential.

    So basically, new potential clients coming to a website (via: Youtube, Blogs, Adverts, Word of mouth, or by contacting them directly) must have the sensation that you know your onions' (quote from Warren ;-)).
    It's a difficult thing to be honest with our skills. In my case I have to go back to the drawing board often.

    From my point of view the problem is not the clients, but the quality of my work.
    People willing to pay are looking for talented mixers (Essential) with outboard gear (Desirable).

    my two-cents...

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