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Steve A

    Hi Warren, I have not tried the Advanced Audio 251 clone myself, I just found it interesting what Jack said about it.
    Nor have I tried the Peluso 2247... A fellow studio owner in town has one and really likes it. I have a mic shootout 'penciled in' over there where I'll be able to hear it, I'm really looking forward to that because you can't find any clips online that I know of, so I'll report back.
    From what I understand the Flea is a bit darker than the Peluso, as John P has stated, he tuned the 2247 to what a U47 'would have' sounded like new.
    I have yet to purchase a vocal mic with a noted pedigree, but from what I can hear (online clips), the Pearlman TM1 has the best sounding MID-RANGE of the clones, and that's one of the things I like best about the U47. I'm going to hold off till my shootout, and probably rent a few vocal mics before I part with any money though.. (that's a big decision for a guy with my budget, haha).