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James Gorman

    Good so far. The change is pretty drastic, but much brighter and more even, slightly better stereo image (about what I'd expect given my speakers are laid on their sides). Running with a little bass boost since I monitor pretty quiet. It'll take a while to get used to it but over all worth it.

    Was easy to set up and have it on my Monitor FX so I don't accidentally render it 🙂 I'm luck that the room I'm in is pretty good, it's just I can't get a good speaker placement (family!). It'd be nice to be able to get it on the output itself so I don't have to mess around routing everything through reaper but it does the job and was much cheaper (I got a cross-grade deal on it).

    With the new microphone for the ARC I'm guessing it's much of a muchness between the two these days.

    Are you looking at fixing your room as well?