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Laurence Coch

    I’ve Always used a Pc for music. Currently I have an i7 6 core with 32gig of memory 256g ssd for operating days and programs and 2tb data drives for audio data. I also have a uad2 octo card which helps when using the iAd plugins.

    Also I have found 2 great controller products to use in any daw. One is the elegato streamdeck. It’s a 15 button panel that allows you to program keystrokes to the buttons and each button has an lcd screen behind it so you can put custom jpgs on the buttons. I used the snipping tool in windows to grab some of the buttons I use in Cubase use in Cubase and then put them on streamdeck buttons then tie it to a key command.
    The second is the pallet gear modular buttons,knobs& faders. These snap together in any layout and you can assign midi cc’s to the faders an knobs and either keystrokes or midi notes to the buttons. The basic kit comes with a fader,2 buttons,& a knob. I use these to control the control room volume and headphone volume, the dim and talkback and control room mute. I am making a video of how I use these with Cubase and will post the link once it is up

    Laurence Coch
    Barn Door Recording