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Scott Rance

    Christain I totally support that idea personally. That's a great idea. It's good for getting feedback from an industry insider, like Warren or any of his friends that may listen to it and may give you advice or ideas that could make your songs better, plus I could see how it could boost confidence and I could see how that would support a collaborative atmosphere among users of this site.

    On the topic of covers. I know if you use distrokid and you want to post a cover. They take care of the legal work to make sure the writers and publishers of the song your covering get their money. I saw a video about that a while ago. Don't quote me but I think Glen Fricker talked about that once. I don't believe you can publish a song that's already been published but again don't quote me on that. I know a lot of times when an artist wants to cover someone's song they contact them for permission first. Weird AL does that for his covers. I know Type O Negative had to get permission from Micheal Jackson to do their Beatles medley because at the time Micheal owned a large portion of the Beatles catalog when he bought out an Australian Billionaire back in the 80's. Sony owns the entire Beatles catalog now to my knowledge. But I read an article from 2016 where Paul McCartney was trying to get it all back.