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    Christian Gillmann

      Hi Warren and dear fellow mixers,

      I would love if Warren could find the time or a slot, to do feedback video(s) of our own composed/produced songs. That would be such a treat and pleasure. What do you guys think?
      And something completely different: Since i published some cover songs on Spotify, I am really confosed about how the legal situation is with cover songs in general. Spotify legal department said it is ok. But...Are there differences between countries? Can i get into trouble? Do I have to have permission from the Artists/author/composer, can I just publish them, do I need to stick to the form of the original song and so on. For example, I didn`t see so much Beatles cover songs on Spotify, that made me wonder...

      Cheers, Christian

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      Guido tum Suden

        Hi Christian,

        AFAIK you cannot simply cover songs. Well, you can as long as you don't publish them.
        I you do, you need permissions from the holder of rights, whoever that is.

        As for playing cover songs live.
        I'm not sure, but I think it is like playing a record of the song, so royalty will have to be paid.


        Scott Rance

          Christain I totally support that idea personally. That's a great idea. It's good for getting feedback from an industry insider, like Warren or any of his friends that may listen to it and may give you advice or ideas that could make your songs better, plus I could see how it could boost confidence and I could see how that would support a collaborative atmosphere among users of this site.

          On the topic of covers. I know if you use distrokid and you want to post a cover. They take care of the legal work to make sure the writers and publishers of the song your covering get their money. I saw a video about that a while ago. Don't quote me but I think Glen Fricker talked about that once. I don't believe you can publish a song that's already been published but again don't quote me on that. I know a lot of times when an artist wants to cover someone's song they contact them for permission first. Weird AL does that for his covers. I know Type O Negative had to get permission from Micheal Jackson to do their Beatles medley because at the time Micheal owned a large portion of the Beatles catalog when he bought out an Australian Billionaire back in the 80's. Sony owns the entire Beatles catalog now to my knowledge. But I read an article from 2016 where Paul McCartney was trying to get it all back.

          Christian Gillmann

            Hi Scott,

            thanks for answering! Yes, feedback for self composed songs would be awsome!!!
            On the topic of covers i learned this. You need to write a letter to the author (compulsery law), there are even companies who can take of this (for a fee). For example:

            So there is a way to be on the save side.
            But there are cases, where the rights holder can/will say no? Would be intersting to learn more about that.

            Cheers, Christian

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              I support that idea. However, only if the songs stay in the closed PLAP community. The idea that it could boost personal confidence and that it pleases our ego is 100% true. However, I do not give a lot of credit to the YouTube comment section.

              Besides that, the songs that I arrange are mostly commissioned by paying clients. Therefore, there is a lot to say about "morals & ethics". The idea that my client per coincidence sees the specific Feedback Thursday and hears the song that I am working on, terrifies me. If I were in his shoes, I can and I definitely will fire up a lawsuit for that.

              So, to conclude: Marvelous idea, but only if it stays in the PLAP community.


              Christian Gillmann

                Yes, of course! My fans would be shocked, too ;-). This has to stay in the PLAP circle of trust.
                And I think Warren said several times something like: "It is not called mix like a pro. It is called produce like a pro, because it is not about perfection, but ideas and just doing it whatever equipment you have". So composing parts and whole songs could be a crucial part of producing like a pro.

                Cheers, Christian

                Michael B

                  It's a cool idea. I was considering doing this myself on an unlisted yoitube and posting it in the forum where other PLAPrs could take a peak and comment if they like. Subbing.

                  Christian Gillmann

                    Hi Michael,

                    just posting your song for listening feedback is easier, but posting a video and showing your production technique and plug ins or hardware settings would be interesting, too.

                    Cheers, Christian

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