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Guido tum Suden

    Hi Ruben,

    it depends on the room and on what you want to record.
    If it's part of a "song" I would probably use a small diaphragm condenser or a large one.
    You either point it to the corpus appr. 10-15 cm right and down from the hole (looking a the player),
    or around the 12th fret, or anywhere else that sounds good but usually not above the hole since that would be too bassy.

    Put the mic appr. 30 cm away from the guitar.
    If the room sounds good and you only record the one guitar, you can go further away with the mic. You can also use one or two further mics, maybe one pointing to the upper part of the fingerboard and the other to the lower part of the corpus. Beware phase issues.