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Alex Wilson

    So I am just trying the new Melodyne 4 to capture the MIDI for Bullet (have been meaning to try this method since I saw Warrens video on Youtube: Have to say, I kind of like the results so far, although I am not sure if I would convert to this method yet (as I have been using Trigger to do this longer, so it is my comfort zone).

    One big question I have (and I am hopeful that some one here can help me) is how do you make the new version stop trying to figure the timing out for the track? When I am doing it for Bullet, it is giving different times for the Kick and the Snare, and neither of those match back to the originals.

    Since I couldn't figure that out, I just used Melodyne as a plug in within Pro Tools so it honored the timing of the host. The only down side to this is you have to play the entire track to Transfer to Melodyne (although, I have to do that with Trigger too).

    The one thing that I like a lot better than Trigger, is it actually makes the notes longer (like a full 8th note or so) vs. Triggers tiny little Transient MIDI note (will try to attach a screen capture of what I am talking about). On the other hand, I actually think Trigger is a bit more sensitive to the velocity of the drum hits (as well as those little ghost notes and such if you set it to capture those).

    Overall, I really enjoyed trying this out, think I will make this my main method for a little while just to see if I end up liking it better, or if it offers some benefits that I haven't noticed yet. As of now, it is much slower for me this way, but I don't blame the process, as the issue here is just my learning curve...


    *Image notes: MDynKick, MDynSN_Top are Melodyne and TrigKick, TrigSN are Slate Trigger. The waves are the track that I used (Kick on top, snare on bottom). Also, Both of the Midi tracks are mapped out to the instrument where I have the virtual instrument (I mostly use SSD4, but will also use some NI stuff, Toontracks or others from time to time)...