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    Hi David

    Acronis True Image is the one and only software that I recommend. Just install the software and after the setup is complete, you can activate the "F11" function. What this does is that when you boot up the computer, you get a prompt after the POST, which says, "Press F11 to start Acronis Image". If you hit F11, you will be redirected to the program and you can make an image from every storage device that is attached to your computer, included your system disc. You can also create a sector-by-sector system clone. This allows you to have an exact mirror of your system disc so when your HDD fails, you just swap the crashed HDD with the HDD clone and you are good to go.

    If you do not want to install the software because it takes some processing power, you can also create a bootable thumb drive. The only difference is that you have to change the boot priority in your BIOS to USB bootable devices as first and internal storage devices as second in the boot priority list.

    Check this out:

    P.S.: Also, look at Samsung SSD drives. They are not cheap, but they turn your computer into a beast when it comes to performance.