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Nick D.

    the iZotope multiband exciter is great for this. Each band is adjustable in frequency and level and you can adjust the mix level (parallel style), it lets you dial in right where you want the rasp/ distortion and is probably my go to all the time when I just want a little more. IF you run multiple instances back to back you can use different saturation types for different bands that way, so setup the frequency bands, copy the plug in series and then just add the type of distortion you want for just that band, so say on the first plug add the tube type on the high band, on the second plug add triode distortion on the mid band, and the third plug add tape on the low band. Sometimes different types sound better over certain frequencies, but in iZotope 5 you cant select different types for different bands within the plugin, I don't know if you can on the newer versions.

    My second favorite for vocals is the vertigo VSM-2 available from plugin alliance or UAD, but its awesome on everything.