Gtrs have been fuzz-a-fied - niiiiiice!

    Good weight on the bass... could do with more detail - but I looove those lows! Right in the gut! Maybe too dynamic... feels like the bass is squeezy the rest of the mix. Reduce the dynamics on the bass and the rest of the mix will pop up!

    Vox tone is cool!

    Like the snare in particular! Kick is cool.. a touch lost in the all that bass - but the tone is great!

    Vox feel a bit sat back - too much wet / not enough dry? Or a longer predely on the verb (not much on the oldskool to play with and the Protoverb - who knows how that works?!)

    Drums 'room' sound gets a little swamped in places...

    Riffs at is wild and reverby and crazy - v. 70s!

    Reverb FX at the end is awesome - keep that and bottle it!

    Lots of cool stuff and the feel is bang on. I'd start by reducing the dynamics on the bass a bit - give more room to the rest of the mix. I think that'll get you a lot back. V enjoyable mix!