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      Gtrs have been fuzz-a-fied - niiiiiice!

      Good weight on the bass... could do with more detail - but I looove those lows! Right in the gut! Maybe too dynamic... feels like the bass is squeezy the rest of the mix. Reduce the dynamics on the bass and the rest of the mix will pop up!

      Vox tone is cool!

      Like the snare in particular! Kick is cool.. a touch lost in the all that bass - but the tone is great!

      Vox feel a bit sat back - too much wet / not enough dry? Or a longer predely on the verb (not much on the oldskool to play with and the Protoverb - who knows how that works?!)

      Drums 'room' sound gets a little swamped in places...

      Riffs at is wild and reverby and crazy - v. 70s!

      Reverb FX at the end is awesome - keep that and bottle it!

      Lots of cool stuff and the feel is bang on. I'd start by reducing the dynamics on the bass a bit - give more room to the rest of the mix. I think that'll get you a lot back. V enjoyable mix!



        Rich at least for me you beat your drum sound from your FBF mix
        now the vocal isnt as good as your other mix (that vocal is perfect)
        guitars and bass are great to me
        really just some fine work giving the tools working with


          Alright Kiddies!

          Lessons Learned :

          1. Tokyo Dawn Plugins are awesome, but eat your DSP.
          2. Saturation is your friend.
          3. No matter what plugins you use, you always mix to the limit of your ears and to your own taste.

          *Had a lot of fun! So nice to mix a well recorded track w/ great performances and a great song. Really recharged the batteries!

          Extra Notes

          Really like that Fetish Plugin. The interface is a joke, but the sound you get is great! The TD Slickeq is really very good. Lots of options for crafting sound. That will get used again. Also the both the saturation plugins did a great job.

          The devil's in the details. Missed ProQ m/s options for cleaning the mix up a bit. Automating the TD Compressor on the SBUS was not as intuitive as with the SSL. Quite like the reverbs. Would have liked more range on the predelay.

          I think I used every plugin at least once. V. cool! Def. worth doing. Learned a bunch of new tricks. We should try to make this a regular thing - challenge ourselves in different ways to make us rethink our mixing and learn new tricks etc.


            tremolo kicks ass toby
            break down with thw vocals panned is really great and the pause to get back to it is really needed
            i felt like the breakdown, bridge, whatever it is, was a weakness in this song and you fixed it to make it not boring any more

            one thing these exercises are doing for me is ive always been such a creature of habit and it hurts me...i need to start asking why i am putting a plugin on something.
            usually it because thats what i do (in the 90's on 4 track its because its what i had) whether it needs it or not.

            i want to do some experiment with the haas effect in a mix that jesper showed us

            there is reverb thing i want to explore where you use the reverbs at unity ..the idea is people dont like the reverb sound they just slap them on and fold them underneath the track. this is different you would make the reverb a part of the song sort of thing

            i seriously cant tell you guys how much i enjoy these.. toby thanks for putting it together
            whether or not you guys decide to i plan on making each months song into a exercise of some kind

            i think there are people who have paid a fortune to audio schools that would learn more from these challenges...that said i have a bad brain and i dont read good


              Yeah I'd tremolo on everything if I could... put Enzo says, 'no'.

              I hear you on the habit thing. I stopped mixing with a template a few mixes ago. It's kinda like working without a net ..but I find I'm more responsive to what the track needs. The template was really locking me into decisions.

              I can't learn in a structured way either. Maybe because I'm dyslexic, or creative or just an a*sehole 😉 ..I have to learn by trial and error (lots of error).


              Jason Davenport

                Thanks for the feedback guys!

                Chris, I think the sound you are hearing could be the amped bass. It has that clicky poppy sound that falls in with the kick. I will take a listen to it. Tons of Saturation Knob on every instrument including vocals... Thanks for the compliments!

                Toby, thanks for the compliments. The kick was tricky not having my standard MV2 or L1 to even it up. A couple of people have mentioned it is too loud, so I will address it. Warren's samples on the snare. Used that 100hz, the D28, and the one that is all ring, plus a few more blended with the live snare. Thanks for the feedback!

                Thanks again for taking time to listen, and for creating this challenge, it was definitely a blast!

                Jason Davenport

                  Great mix Toby! Don't bore us, get to the chorus 🙂 Love that! Tremolo is awesome! Missing the solo a little bit, but not a deal breaker as you kept the song short and sweet. Breakdown section was very cool. Outstanding work!

                  Rich Zei

                    Thanks for all the feedback. This really took me out of my 'Box' and it refreshed excited and FRUSTRATED THE HELL out of me.

                    we should do this every month, with DIFFERENT free-plugins. Who knows, maybe Warren can do a FBF for these one month.

                    Chris Sweet

                      @Jason yeah I had wondered if it might be the bass guitar attack. Something clicky and unnatural sounding

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                      Jason Davenport

                        Nice one Rich! Great solo, very Van Halen-esque! Guitars sound great, and drums too. Love it!

                        Jason Davenport

                          Not sure if you guys noticed, but there is an economy button on the Tokyo Dawn plugins that uses a little less CPU...

                          Arthur Labus

                            Embrace yourself - plugin breakdown is comming 😀

                            VOCALS BUS
                            TDR Nova (De-ess (spilt) / HP 150Hz/12db)
                            TDR Kotelnikov (Vocal Bus - tight)

                            43.Vocal_01 and 44.Vocal.Mitch_01
                            TDR Nova (De-ess (split)), FETISH, 2x TDR SlickEQ = 4 Bands
                            Vocal Elko Plate L+R as sub Bus with Voxengo Old Skool Verb (automation)

                            All other tracks with no plugins - just panning and volume. Used groups of vocal tracks for different vocal ambiance.

                            All amped tracks doubled and pitched. Set in opposite panning for stereo.
                            Solo guitar tracks with send to FX track with Protoverb (Vapour Excursion, 0% dry, 100 % wet)
                            Thats all !

                            FETISH, IVGI ( Drive 10, Asym Mix 10, Response between LF/LF+), TDR Slick EQ (MEQ 500Hz Bass Trick with HP 60 Hz)

                            DRUMS !!! (no drum samples at all)
                            Overheads Bus: Fetish, IVGI (Drive 8, Asym Mix 5, Response N)
                            Toms Bus: Fetish
                            HiHat: MJUCjr (auto), IVGI (like Overheads)
                            Fetish, TDR Nova 4 Bands:
                            12Hz, Q 0,54 , -7,4dB
                            217Hz Q0,5 -9,4dB
                            1903Hz Q0,5 +12dB
                            Band IV default
                            Protoverb (small room)
                            33% stereo wide (Reaper controll knob)
                            Snare Bus:
                            Snare Top -12dB / Snare Bottom -31,8dB realationship
                            Protoverb (Boomy Drum Room)
                            53% stereo wide (Reaper controll knob)

                            MASTERING (separate project)
                            IVGI - Drive 5 / ASYM MIX 10 / Response N
                            TDR SlickEQ - (Mastering 1)
                            TDR Kotelnikov - (Mastering - Punchy TRK) with adjusted threshold

                            Funny fact: less is more 😉

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