Jason Davenport

    Here is my take on this rockin’ little number! It was definitely a challenge mixing with only a few plugins to choose from, especially with no limiter on the list. Forces you to pay more attention to gain staging, and to get a really good balance of instruments before doing anything else. Did all processing on the instrument busses to save CPU as the Slick EQ is hungry for it. Slick EQ, MUJCjr, Kotelnikov, and Saturation Knob(stock Sonar plugin) featured heavily, with a splash of OldSkool Reverb on the guitars, and Tempo Delay on the solo. Didn’t use any of the others from the list. I’ve had the Slick EQ, and Kotelnikov for a while, and use them often, but the MUJCjr is a surprisingly cool little compressor. I’ve used the Saturation Knob for years, and have used it on every mix posted in the academy… Used “No One Knows” by Queens Of The Stone Age as a reference, not sure if I nailed their sound, but it sounds cool to me! Hope you guys like it, and any feedback is appreciated!

    Updated mix per feedback


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