toby thanks for putting this together i can tell by face book post our very busy

    i want to try to get this while im still fresh
    Tokyo Dawn and klanghiem are some of the finest plugins ever the subtly and control of the knobs is a pleasure only next to there sound

    then there is fetish..it sucks worse then my brief stint dating over-educated vinyl clad scenesters in the early 90's
    it was very hard to make moves without overshooting and made all the more evident while useing the other plugins which were so smooth

    my CPU was always running out tho...i would constantly have to stop and render/export efx chains ect. committing to things i was unsure of.

    verbs and delays....was hating these but made it work

    cubase is very picky on what you can side chain with not having that at my disposal was disappointing since i have really gotten to depend on it.

    not haveing a limiter sucks i decided (i really missed L1 and MV2) i had to export and use slate fgx in a new project to get the level up
    however not side chaining compression showed me something new to me...i would write automation with my mouse on the fader and make passes thru the song...it has this ..musical quality to the mix that i really liked ..any way something that i found really cool

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