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    Ionone Bangcas

      Thanks for this. I'll try my best for the fun of it. Took a few tries but I was able to install the Softube Saturation Knob with my iLok account, not the Gobbler app that they suggested.




        Yep. I had the same issues with Softube.

        Chris Sweet

          Ugh did we not vote on a limiter? lol I would have suggested a killer free one


            I asked people for limiter suggestions, but you guys were all like, Saturation dude! EQ! Duuuude!

            ..we're gonna have to mix to the SBUS - it'll do us all good 😉



              toby thanks for putting this together i can tell by face book post our very busy

              i want to try to get this while im still fresh
              Tokyo Dawn and klanghiem are some of the finest plugins ever the subtly and control of the knobs is a pleasure only next to there sound

              then there is sucks worse then my brief stint dating over-educated vinyl clad scenesters in the early 90's
              it was very hard to make moves without overshooting and made all the more evident while useing the other plugins which were so smooth

              my CPU was always running out tho...i would constantly have to stop and render/export efx chains ect. committing to things i was unsure of.

              verbs and delays....was hating these but made it work

              cubase is very picky on what you can side chain with not having that at my disposal was disappointing since i have really gotten to depend on it.

              not haveing a limiter sucks i decided (i really missed L1 and MV2) i had to export and use slate fgx in a new project to get the level up
              however not side chaining compression showed me something new to me...i would write automation with my mouse on the fader and make passes thru the has this ..musical quality to the mix that i really liked ..any way something that i found really cool

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              Chris Sweet

                Yeah the fetish is a pain to work with but carefully set it works ok. I’m actually using the saturation knob and TD eq on my verb and delay bus to make them sound more interesting which is cool. They don’t sound very analog on their own so adding some color to them makes them sound more expensive. The MJUC comp seems to choke everything I throw at it so I haven’t found a use for it yet. Got the slick eq, saturation knob and TD bus comp on my mix
                Bus. The saturation knob used subtly adds some nice mojo to the mix that I’m missing from using my normal bus compressor/tape machine chain. It’s pretty cool having to sculpt
                Your effects to get them to sound like what you’re used to using. For example I used the eq and saturation knob after the voxengo delay to get a dark and dirty slap thing going. PS that delay is super weird and I have no idea how it works lol. I just turned knobs till it did what I wanted. Anyway I should have a mix up tonight.


                  yeah agreed on that delay and the tape plugin
                  of the saturation i dig the knob but that Ivg-whatever really surprised me
                  i also was a bit intimated by the tr bus compressor i tried using it and more that 2 instances would lock my pc up

                  Chris Sweet

                    Yeah I’m a long time fan of the IVGI. It sounds like console/transformer saturation

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                      Crunchy crisp gtrs - I liiiike!

                      Nice roomy feel to them drums. Maybe a touch boomy? that cool rock n roll vibe going on (vibe = pro mixer term)

                      Vocals are nice.

                      Spread into the chorus is cool - maybe a touch too much???

                      Like the cymbals splashy bits...

                      Vox are working well. Maybe a little sat in the mix - then again, it is a rock track. ..I'm such a Pop Producer. Gotta get a hook up with Britney. Artist I was born to work with. ..gotta hear iZotope Vinyl on her voice. (This has nothing to do with your mix)

                      SOLO SOLO SOLO SOLO SOLO SOLO - too loud by at least a db - but fUck yeah! Sounded cool!

                      It's rough and ready - but the attitude is right in the strike zone - kicking you in balls with a bandana on that shit!

                      Very nice Kip!

                      - I was gonna get all clever with editing loops and shit I just wanna get super trashy with the drums and make something ugly!!!!


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                        Got a couple of hours... see if I can knock out a quick mix. lol.

                        This could get messy!


                          thanks toby
                          i did vinylise the vocal on the ..want to call it the bridge?
                          i may have got alittle crazy with the writing automation useing the fader

                          i was trying to do that desert sound warren talked about

                          warren wasn't kidding about that drummer hitting the snare with his purse. its a challenge just to get it to sound natural...i lisened to some kyass and QotSA..but other than being very dry i dont know how to go about making those guys have any ideas?

                          Chris Sweet

                            nice mix Kip! Probably one your best yet!

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