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Steve A

    Oh yes, Tom Waits for sure!
    'Bone Machine' is my fave, but all are great ...what an original work that guy is..
    That and his wife Kath, is just a jem. It was her who urged him to listen to more Captain Beefheart (another hero, as is Zappa) She also secured the collaboration with Keef that can be heard on numerous tracks.

    Big Bowie fan myself, love Diamond Dogs.. Rebel Rebel was the hit of that album, but to me it pales in comparison to the whole concept which is that album's best trait. From Future Legend to Big Brother, the whole thing is a masterpiece!

    Pink Floyd 'Animals' is another, loosely based on Orwell's Animal Farm, describing societal classes in such a brilliant way, as Waters always did.. Plus the woven pattern of the music that encompasses it, just awesome. They don't make 'em like that anymore!

    Modern day? Not so much.. 2015 was the very first year that old 'catalog' releases outsold new ones, a sad truth.
    But I do enjoy the heavy, and heavily progressive, Tool. Lots and lots of depth there. From the musical arrangements to the lyrics.

    Tip of the iceberg of what inspires my arrangements, I could, but won't.. go on and on..haha