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Mats Dagerlind

    When I started out with Cubase 1.0 the competition was Cereator/Notator and it didn't have the project/arrange time-line based window that all other vendors later on adopted, so the choice then was easy. And then I just stayed with Cubase out of habit.

    There has been periods when Steinberg fell behind the competition but more often they have been ahead at the cutting edge. Presently I think Cubase is as good as any DAW and if you need more there's Nuendo. Only problem can bed compatibility with all the ProTools users, depending on what kind of work you do. For me it's no big deal, since 99% of what I do is recording, mixing and mastering my own stuff. If I were to take on other peoples work, I'd probably would have to invest in ProTools.

    As I mewntioned in my last post, I'm trying out Harrisson MixBus, partly because it has a very analog studio workflow that is perfect for not too complicated recording and mixing projects. But the reason I got interested is the anlog summing emulation that is supposed to sound less "in the box sterile". I can't say anything for sure yet though and also, Im using the NLS plugins from Waves on all my Cubase projects, which pretty much works the same way, but have more options as you can choose to emulate three different famous high-end desks and not just one and the same channel for every track but a different board channel for each track (up to a point) and then also on the stereo-bus.