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Christopher Feeney

    I have taken REAPER, Pro Tools, Ableton Live, MixBus/Ardour, Guitar Tracks, Ignite and Studio One for spins. I'm not a pro or power user. I find things about them all interesting. I did just get Cubase Essentials 8 because my producer/instructor ( ) uses Cubase Pro 8.

    Funny, for years I read really spiteful comments from former Cubase users in other DAW forums. I think it is cool and I "get" its approach and workflow. It is amazing what comes with CB Essential 8. I was mixing tonight with just stock Cubase plug-in and getting close to stuff I was doing with Slate plug-ins in Studio One. I like the mixer in Cubase (like MixBus) as the channel strip is right there with EQ, Compression, Etc.

    Hey, it's all good. Amazing access to high quality reasonable priced music gear and tech these days. Now to learn how to use it on PLAP!

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