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Leslie Pugh

    Thanks may have hit the nail on the head for the MS troubleshooting to finally solve for windows issues and my upsetting ordeals with countless audio interfaces....thunderbolt also having great issues now also, caused mt to move to Mac Pro 2014 canister 8 core 32 bit system on el fine now with most if not all A&H r16s systems...but would not work on windows reliably, nor did focusrite pro 40, or Motu 828x ...not sure about cpu from inel either having weak ME holes...and windows ten being a store and data collector behind the vale mayhem with bing and spooling and sending..along with the auto updating crap constant troubleshooting mode....the mac solved easy as just getting one and plugging in to it.

    So if this be now revealed why, by what you have said....I might get back my x 99 systems it possible to turn off usb ports?...and stop MS from changing reverting settings to default when MS decides to update, and put games on or other things of bent services pushed upon, is something..overlooked, or ommitted by you Kevin.. in saying...let me say it here for some to ponder out if moving from mac to windows is all about the cash cow you want to