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Patrick Schindler

    If you have any reverb on that vocal at all, increasing the pre-delay should get the vocal a little bit more upfront.

    The main thing for right in your face vocals is compression with fast release though. 1176 style compressors with fastest release are very popular for this. If you use an 1176 emulation, remember that the numbers are backwards, as in 7 is fastest release / attack and 1 is slowest. The fastest release on an 1176 is 50 milliseconds by the way, but not every compressor you can dial in a 50 ms release may sound like an 1176 with the release on 7, especially if they are more of an RMS type compressor.

    One thing to keep in mind is that any breaths, lip smacks and what not probably get amplified using such a fast release, so you may have to clean all that stuff up.