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Mats Dagerlind

    I am (a Cubase user that is) and have been since the Atari ST days. I use the latest version (8.5 Pro) on the PC platform. I mainly use plugins from UAD, Waves and IK Multimedia, but presently I can't use my UAD Satellite becuase the laptop I,m on doesnt have a FireWire port. I'm considering buying the new Apollo for USB3 though. I used to do my mastering separately in Steinberg Wavelab, and I still use it sometimes, but lately I find myself mastering directly in Cubase most of the time.

    I have no real experience from any other DAW, although I'm presently trying out Harrison Mixbus. I've also considered trying ProTools, mainly because everyone outside Europe seems to be using it, and I guess it has a fair market share over here nowdays as well. But old habits die hard, so I will probably stick to Cubase for the most part also in the future.