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Steve A

    I've looked at, but not heard in person (only clips) 251 variants, neither one from Pearlman or Lawson.
    The two companies I have been looking at are Advanced Audio, and a brand new company named 3U Audio.
    Jack Douglas claims the AA 251 nails the sound, and I have heard clips of the 3U 251 variants, and was very impressed, even though they are not tube. I think you are going to hear a lot more of 3U in the industry fairly soon. They make 3 different 251 variants.
    What do I like about the sound of the U47? ..everything, depth and dimension for one, and on the FR, the mid-range.
    A lot of 'clones' seem to have accentuated lows and/or highs, which kind of drown out the mids, where the most critical human hearing is.
    Again, my opinions only..
    *edit* I just listened to the Pearlman 250, great sounding to my ears, has more heft than the tm1. Not necessarily my thing...
    *edit two* Yes, that Manley Reference is an awesome mic too, here's a comparison of it, a 47, and some others: