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Lem Meador

    I'm really perplexed about my next move these days. I have two 8 channel Presonus mic-pre that have served me well the past 10 years, recording bands live and on location in various venues. I'm now building out my home studio and trying to up my game with better processing during tracking. I've always used the Presonus pre's straight into Logic and then applied everything in mix, but I have learned - the hard way - DOH! - that it really helps to have some light compression and limiting on the front side for tracking. I borrowed an inexpensive DBX unit and found that my tracking levels were much, much better with a vocalist that has a very dynamic range. BIG voice, that woman has.

    -- So, my quandary: Do I buy analogue gear, like DBX's, 1073 mic pres and 1176 limiters like Warren uses, or, do I go down the Apollo route so that I can apply whatever plugin I want for monitoring and tracking.

    Appreciate all ideas and suggestions and experience.