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Jeff Macdonald

    That's an interesting concept on the crash cymbals. I have yet to consider intervals on crashes, but will often choose a ride cymbal that has a fundamental note that is in key with the song. Collecting ride cymbals has become an expensive hobby. I will certainly have to start experimenting with intervals on crash cymbals. What is your reasoning behind having them a fourth apart? I agree with you that thin crashes are the way to go, but a word of caution - make sure that if you are letting other drummers play them they know how to properly strike across a crash cymbal. I have lost a few in my time to drummers who strike straight down and crack thin cymbals.

    That Klotz cable looks like excellent quality cable. Combined with Neutrik XLRs, you'll have extremely high quality and long lasting cables. Just make sure you have at least one made with a 90-degree (right-angle) female XLR for times where you might not have much room tucking a mic in under a hi-hat or low cymbal.

    I look forward to hearing your musicals once you get them recorded. I really enjoyed the youtube songs, that is a very interesting kit setup your drummer uses. It's got a lot of interesting elements. Also there are some instruments I haven't seen before being played as well, very cool stuff!