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    Im a guitar player. 😉

    If u record separate mono takes, one on the right and one on the left there wont be phase issues.

    To make it wider u need to put very short delay on one of the takes or simply record slightly different sounds. (Of course I assume we want same riff on both sides- in stereo!)

    For example:

    Swap guitars, somethimes I use LP on one side and Tele on opposite side to play same riff.
    Or change pickup selector.
    Or move mike around.
    Or swap mikes.
    Countless options...

    Hope it makes sense.

    Sounds gotta be similar but not the same.

    Btw. If u guys need any guitars on your songs drop me an email. Ill do it no probs for fellow academy members. 😉 Im not even half as good as Tim Pierce but I can get job done.