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Rich Westphal

    Hi Kellyman,,, I responded to you in my Introduce Yourself Post...
    You left a post of this topic,, I'll copy that info here for you.
    Glad to see you still have Demo time left.

    They should work fine together, even if needing to use ASIO4all, and to trouble shoot it you would need access to studio one again if the Demo is expired.
    You could download the Free one, Prime is Studio One 3 free version.
    You would not be able to use 3rd party plugins, although it would be useful for testing.

    Hopefully your on facebook, lol,,, tough to troubleshoot in this thread…
    This group is dedicated for Studio One users,,, For beginners and transitioning DAW users,,,
    I help Admin the group as well,,, great group of people and more help than you thought existed,,, no such thing as a stupid question there…

    HST Studio One Support Group