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Guido tum Suden

    as a rule of thumb I'd say you don't double guitar tracks for the sake of panning them hard left and right.
    You will get phase issues and your correlation meter will go to the wrong side.
    If you double guitar tracks it's probably for some kind of parallel processing, e.g. having different effects on the tracks and blending them together.
    If you only have one guitar track and want to get the hard left and right guitar thing, I would rather try to get the second guitar from another section of the track.
    I recently had an 8 bar guitar part with a 4 bars of chord progression, so I doubled the track and swapped bar 1–4 with bar 5–8 on one track.
    Back to your question. If you want panning you play the track twice, usually exactly the same which is never exactly the same or you play it slightly different.
    If you play 2 tracks of acoustic guitar with different patterns and put them hard right and left you will get this nice panning effect when you hear one hit from the left and the next one from the right, but you shouldn't overdo that.