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Kaleb Treacy

    Hey Timmy! Just seen your set up in the studio acoustics section, looks mint mate. My room's actually the size of yours if not a tad bigger and I had trouble with overhead mic-ing for a couple of years. I'd been using a pair of Shure SM27's but time after time I was getting all the boomy-ness of the kick and toms but could never figure out why. I then brought a matched pair of Rode NT-5's with a stereo bar, chucked them up in the X/Y setup and haven't looked back, worked an absolute treat. I figured out that even though my room's completely dead, being a small size still creates that unwanted sound in LDC's as overheads (could be wrong, but my room gives me that opinion). I'll chuck up a picture so you can see my tracking room but yeah, just my 2 cents. Hope that gives you a little more to think on.