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Jared Sherman

    There is so much good stuff out there. One thing that would be good if you are on a very tight budget would be the AIR stuff. At AudioDeluxe if you buy XPAND!2 for $1 you can also buy the AIR Expansion Pack 3 Complete Upgrade for $74.95 which gets you SO much incredible stuff. That has to be the most insane deal I have ever seen in music software. As far as synths, that bundle includes AIR Hybrid 3 + expansions which is their synth and it's a very good one.

    If you have more to spend I would recommend Omnisphere 2, it can be anything and everything. I also hear very good things about UVI Falcon though I do not have it. For the preset browsing guy who doesn't like to mess with synth parameters, ReFX Nexus 2 has great sounds. But there are so many great options beyond that too. Such a great time to be in music production. The only problem is sometimes the search for new tools can get in the way of creative time.