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Tony Harp

    When I plug in a guitar and play I hear that thru my speakers. But, when I attempt to use it for my audio interface I get nothing from pro tools or my pc sounds, including no Internet audio either. I am correctly setting the 11rack as the interface. I do not get any meter readings on the 11 rack when using it for computer audio. I've been into the user settings many times to no avail, looking for the correct parameters. I've tried all the 11 rack outputs that my pc shows. My pc still works great with my main Saffire interface.
    Also, I have no rig settings embedding option in the user control panel, either. Basically my pc isn't jiving with it right, or seeing it at all. I've tried both External and spdif sync engine options. I've spent hours with the manuals as well.

    Thanks for your reply and any enlightenment you can provide.