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Mark Warner

    Hi Spark240,

    I have not downloaded this track myself yet but generally the mix downs are reference tracks for comparison. They can give you something to aim for or to beat depending on your objectives. They give your ears a balance reference point.

    Mono L and R tracks I don't bounce down as quite often they have separate processing for stereo etc ( panning, widening for example). They end up being sent to a stereo bus or a group or folder depending on your DAW so it's all good in the end. Sometimes stereo L and R are not true stereo files being two separate recordings like a guitar for instance, so keeping them mono enables you to edit individually too.

    ATB Mark

    Additional - Synth tracks I tend to record and keep in stereo because the amount of FX already on them but they would be the exception. Sometimes stereo files are more than 2 tracks as well. The result of a processed Mid/Side recording will produce 3 tracks for a stereo image being Left Right and Centre due to the phase related nature of the the mid/side process. Thinking about it I am more likely to split apart a stereo file than bounce down to one. Although final mixes and masters will be a stereo file.

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