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Magnus Hallin

    Here we go then! Picked up the Stam SA 4000 today and just hooked it up:

    Stam Audio SA 4000

    Stam Audio SA 4000 2

    Stam Audio SA4000 Inside

    I ran the last chorus of my mix of Kaedyn Kashmirs Warrior through it just for fun, and compared it with the Waves SSL Comp I had across the 2bus in the mix. Settings are identical, matched the level and the amount of compression is the same.

    I tried to upload them here but the were too big. Let me know if you'd like the wav-files 🙂

    I think it feels sturdy. All metal chassis and stepped knobs except threshold and make up gain. I really have nothing to complain about! I think the Waves SSL plugin is quite close and sounds just as good but what I noticed was that the Stam SA 4000 would take a lot more abuse before sounding too compressed (in my humble opinion). I'll find many uses for this baby! Shipping from Chile to Sweden took about 10 days.

    Well.. gonna go play with my new toy now! Merry christmas to me! 😉