The dobro still feels a little disconnected out there on the left.... on my setup at least 😉 ...not that I'm trusting that right now.

    Great tone on the brass. The bridge after the second chorus sounds nice and big.

    Violin sounds very sweet.

    2nd listening....

    Nice amount of mid on the organ - makes it sound nice and full.

    Good detail on the drums, while still being heavy and full.

    Not sure the reverb FX adds anything to the vocal 'rest until the morning liiiiiight'

    Can't hear the piano in the choruses...

    The final pre chorus is much better than before... really works to contrast the final chorus.

    The violin is maaaaybe a touch harsh on the ear... but, really only a touch. May just be because I'm tired.

    It feels very stereo throughout... which I like. Don't know if the choruses need to contrast more than the verses or not.... the choruses come in with a good sense of impact, so it's working well the way it is.

    Really good... feels like you've moved it a little away from the 'hip hop' feel and more towards indie... which I think suits the song. Tricky mix... a lot going on. You've done very well with it.