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    Thanks for responding to my plea
    With the quality of my computer
    Which is an i7 32 gig 4hz
    It should handle most things
    Along with the common CPU issues
    With a few plug-ins on a session
    That will pop up.
    Being a lineman in using a Computer,
    But I learn more every day
    I will be running the session
    Mixing and tweaking
    And then my computer will totally
    freezer up. And I have to do a restart
    By turning off the computer
    And turning it back on, And I
    wondered when did I save it last.
    When it freezes the mouse is locked
    solid I cannot control alt delete out of anything
    This only does this when I'm using ProTools
    I just the other day started using 12.6
    Reading where they had fixed a lot of glitches
    Was hoping I would find an answer.
    But it still does it
    I do have an artist version of studio
    Have not loaded it
    I guess in trying it on the computer runs
    Well You would surmise it would be ProTools
    Or I could do the reaper thing
    Thanks for your all's help
    Any other suggestions do please let me know
    With the money I have tied up in ProTools
    I would love For it to be Rock solid
    because I do love that daw