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Terry Doyle

    HI Warren,

    I am a happy Logic Pro X user, currently in my own home mix room with a mobile recording rig based on a UAD Apollo/Audient ASP880 to get 16 tracks into Logic Pro X on my MacBook Pro.

    I am planning to start recording bands/performances around my home town to get production/mixing practice and establish myself.

    I have been using Logic for about 4 years now (on my own, at home) and I have to say the latest versions seem to do a good job of handling multiple takes etc ...

    Question 1: Is there anything, in your opinion, that moving to ProTools would give me for the recording audio part of my work? Especially when I want to be recording other people in sessions, etc.

    Question 2: Would you recommend that I just install and learn PT anyway, so if I get the chance to be in a studio I'm not lost? (I'm more concerned about the time it would take to learn than the $600 by the way)