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      Warren will be doing an Academy Q&A on 5/18/16 at 9:30 am PDT (Click here for local time)

      When we are live, he Q&A will be available on Google Hangouts here

      You can pre-submit your questions below

      Mark Warner

        Hi Warren,
        Every now and then I make a promo mix / remix CD to promote my studio and it's services. Nothing major, just 100-200 CDs, proper ones though, not CDrs. I know you have said it is OK for us to use PLAP and PMA mixes for our promotion but is it OK in this way? It would be proper release with a Cat No, ISRC codes, LC Code, barcode, and interests would be registered with PPL, PRS etc. In the past I have put a few forsale via Bandcamp to raise a little towards manufacturing costs. I am guessing I should probably get written consent from you for this? Is this type of promo possible?
        Cheers Mark


          Couple of questions about the Stereo Bus.... the magic bus 😉

          During the mix process, when do you set up your Stereo Bus?

          Would you ever place a compressor on your Stereo Bus, in addition to the Stereo Bus Compressor?

          You've talked about slamming the EQs against the Stereo Bus Compressor to get that 'SSL sound'. Whenever I try this, I either end up with too bright or waaay too boomy. Are there particular frequencies you'd avoid? ...or does it vary from mix to mix?

          Do you ever place other effects, such as reverb, on your Stereo Bus?


            When working with younger Artists in their teens, do you have to consider the subject matter, lyrics and presentation of the song differently - in terms of what is appropriate / acceptable for their age?

            Have you ever had a record company / manager etc, try to push a song / lyric that you simply thought was unacceptable for the Artist's age?

            Being a father yourself , must make you all too aware of how quickly the world wants children to grow up, particularly nowadays.


              When panning drums, is it best to pan the Hi Hat to match it's placement on the overhead mics and room mics?

              (i.e. if it was recorded on the left, pan the hi hat left... if right, pan right).

              Terry Doyle

                HI Warren,

                I am a happy Logic Pro X user, currently in my own home mix room with a mobile recording rig based on a UAD Apollo/Audient ASP880 to get 16 tracks into Logic Pro X on my MacBook Pro.

                I am planning to start recording bands/performances around my home town to get production/mixing practice and establish myself.

                I have been using Logic for about 4 years now (on my own, at home) and I have to say the latest versions seem to do a good job of handling multiple takes etc ...

                Question 1: Is there anything, in your opinion, that moving to ProTools would give me for the recording audio part of my work? Especially when I want to be recording other people in sessions, etc.

                Question 2: Would you recommend that I just install and learn PT anyway, so if I get the chance to be in a studio I'm not lost? (I'm more concerned about the time it would take to learn than the $600 by the way)



                  Have you had time to test the SKNote Compressors?

                  Seng Chee Lim

                    Hi Warren,

                    1 question : For up and coming guys, what is the best way to (how to) approach artists or bands to offer mixing service ???

                    Thank you very much.

                    Best Regards
                    Lim Bros


                      Are you using any surge protectors / power conditions / balanced power conditions in your studio?

                      I've read conflicting advice as to what is and isn't a good idea.


                        I've just sold a bunch of studio gear that, in all honestly, I never really used - d'oh!

                        Have you ever bought a piece of kit and just not used it? And if so, which one was the biggest waste of money?

                        *In the interests of fairness, my biggest waste of money was 1,050 euros on a TC Electronic Finalizer.


                          Having a dog means my studio has to be 'dog proof'.

                          Lot's of academy members have young kids, do you have any advice for 'kiddie proofing' a home studio?

                          ...and does it involve squeaky toys, pet gates, playpen fences and generous amounts of yummy dog treats? 😉


                            How can you tell, if a backing vocalist is at your front door?

                            They're knocking... ...but they don't know when to come in. 😉

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