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Mark Warner

    I keep a Dyson vacume in the studio, the one that is good for people with allergies as the filters are very good in these.

    Also beside patch bays which make setting up and reconfiguring very quick and simple, I also use a number of rack and compact mixers. For example all my rack synths go into a Soundcraft Spirit 16fx and I then use the main output as bus or sub into another compact mixer which then feeds the Presonus 1818vsl converter. My stage synths go via a Peavey 14 and drums another and vocals another. In this way I can use the 8 line ins in the Presonus in pairs and switch which instruments or mics or groups are routed to any given pair. It may sound complicated but it means all instruments, mic etc are permanently setup and it's just matter of unmuting instrument combinations to record them. It also means that everything has its own analogue EQ and effects available as well inserts for other out boards devices like compressors for example. This sort of gives me what I had when I used an Allen and Heath 24 8 2 desk and a Tascam 38 but everything is so much smaller than those massive desks and machines.

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