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Jared Sherman

    I am looking forward to the Shadow Hills (Brainworx/Plugin Alliance) and Curve Bender (Softube) coming out for Native/AAX DSP. I am especially optimistic about the Shadow Hills because PA has been releasing several of their formerly UAD exclusive plugins every year for Native/AAX DSP. The Shadow Hills is pretty much the last one of their UAD exclusives / former UAD exlusives that I am interested in and don't have. I love Softube and always buy their plugins - I own all their non-UAD ones. I was a little surprised and disappointed they went UAD exclusive with the Chandler because that one looks cool. I am sure it will make its way to native land eventually too. But it's not like I don't already have a billion fantastic EQ and Comp plugins as it is so I don't worry myself about it too much.