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      Folks that are on the UAD platform...what are your favorite go to plugins for tracking/mixing?

      Chris Sweet

        Tracking- Neve 1073. I try to use it upfront because it's so dsp hungry in a mix. Oxide tape machine. 1176

        Mixing- 1176 rev A and D depending how much midrange emphasis I want. LA2A on BGVs and other group busses I want tamed. Ampex Tape and Pultec on the mix bus. RE201 on rock vocals. EMT 140 on snares and vox. Dimension D for chorusing although I use the CLA vox plugin for stereo widening more often now.

        These end up on just about every mix

        Steve A

          Definitely the Neve 1073 for me as well, and to a lesser extent (not by much) the API and UAD channels, they both have their place as well ...especially the API on drum tracking, just great..
          I'm a big fan of Oxide too, really something special happening with the harmonics/saturation on that.
          And since these were the folks behind the original hardware: the 1176 bundle, the LA2A bundle, are both well worth the price of admission.
          When I first picked up my quad, there was a 3 plugin discount that I wish I would have done more homework on...
          I chose the FATSO when I should have chosen the Ampex instead. The reasons were quite clear when I demo'ed the Ampex and put it up against the FATSO, Ampex wins.
          However, I'm not sorry at all for picking up the Fairchild bundle, as those are great, and provide things to a mix that I have yet to find in another plugin (that performs as well).
          I also really like the Helios EQ, that was a freebie.. good stuff!
          A couple that I bought at a deep discount turned out to be not so spectacular, like the bx refinement that I paid $25 for ...or the Little Labs IBP, also for $25 ..both of those get little use, but who knows about the future (???)
          There are a few I have my eye on, like the Manley-Massive Passive, and the Shadow Hills Compressor, bit too rich for my blood though, unless they happen to have a sale..hmm...
          I also wonder if their Precision mastering EQ is as good as the Manley? ...once I get my reset on demos, I might just have to try that comparison out.. 😉
          *edit* Any....and/or, all of these could be useful for tracking as well as mixing.. that's my .002...

          Chris Sweet

            I'd love to get my hands on the shadow hills bus comp too! That and the new chandler curve bender are on my wish list.

            Steve A

              Mid-Year sale! Get'em (cheap) while you can! Woohoo!

              Jared Sherman

                I am looking forward to the Shadow Hills (Brainworx/Plugin Alliance) and Curve Bender (Softube) coming out for Native/AAX DSP. I am especially optimistic about the Shadow Hills because PA has been releasing several of their formerly UAD exclusive plugins every year for Native/AAX DSP. The Shadow Hills is pretty much the last one of their UAD exclusives / former UAD exlusives that I am interested in and don't have. I love Softube and always buy their plugins - I own all their non-UAD ones. I was a little surprised and disappointed they went UAD exclusive with the Chandler because that one looks cool. I am sure it will make its way to native land eventually too. But it's not like I don't already have a billion fantastic EQ and Comp plugins as it is so I don't worry myself about it too much.

                Johnny Sommerer

                  The Shadow Hills is great, i demoed it but don't have it (yet). I use the API channel strip a lot, the pultec, LA-2As.

                  Tony Corona Orona

                    -Neve 1073

                    -1176 bundle
                    -LA-2A on vocals mostly

                    -Neve 1073
                    -Helios Type 69 (love it on vocals!)
                    -Pultec pro

                    Mix Bus
                    -Ampex ATR-102
                    -Fairchild 670
                    -SSL G bus compressor

                    -EMT 140

                    SPL Transient Designer

                    Michael Hordorwich

                      I'm a UAD fanatic and have spent way too much on them just like everything else as i own waves mercury and slate everything and all NI AND all izotope now but yes the 1073 makes it on every recording but seriously so does the Oxide like @chris sweet said. to me thats one of the most underrated plugs out there. Just got the cambridge and the cooper time cube as my latest additions and i have alot. Some i demoed and wont use as i have other that will do the trick but i know eventually i probably will cause to my ears i hear a difference in the uad plugs compared to all other companies. Maybe its because i use 3 apollo 8p's now and a uad 4-710d which is also my clock so maybe im biased as i spent so much on them also but with my satellites running i never run out of dsp and you can daisy chain them endlessly really. I have the worst addiction as i made a topic post about being a plugin addict lol. I have everything mostly even the free ones. I guess the only big ones i dont have any of is the fab filter stuff and i always hear great things about them but seriously this buying and having so many plugins has slowed me down and hindered my workflow and my mixes as i never stick to one combo anymore. Im trying hard to do that so good luck to you all and happy recording! Thanks, mike

                      Michael Hordorwich

                        Hey chris i want your opinion on the re201 as i bought the ep-34 and love it. Have you tried both. I demoed both quickly awhile back and chose the ep-34 so i cant demo again but going to ask for a reset as i have a 50 and a 25 coupon to use so just wondering if it blows your mind or what. The ep-34 i bought to as i was doing some zep covers at the time and wanted that sound especially on my theremin not just guitar. Oh and have you tried the manley voxbox yet either? Actually if you dont mind and tell me all your favs what you think are best id appreciate it as im going to do another demo session and use these coupons to buy one more. Thanks, mike

                        Len Baird

                          I have been considering one of the new Apollo MKII interfaces, but I am afraid I am gonna be bummed out about all my current plugins that don't use the dsp.

                          Tony Corona Orona


                            I say do it! I love the UAD platform and have been using it for almost a year now. There plugins are just amazing and truly are the best emulations in the market, my opinion of course. I own the apollo 8 quad and a thunderbolt quad satelite. I do still use other plugins in conjunction with the UAD stuff. I purchased the slate bundle for a year during black friday deals and haven't really used them that often. I always find my self going back to the UAD plugs. It's an investment, but well worth it. Another thing I will recommend that has helped my mixing immensley is Sonarworks for the speakers, not the phones. I have no treatment in my studio and it has made my mixes 10X better and they translate to other systems with ease. Best $300 I've spent outside of my UAD investment.



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