My solution for the ambient kick, was to cut a lot of them out. It's like a wave of mud.... really tricky to mix.

    Honestly, I think it's waaaay overused in the track. I don't think it's a 'mix problem', i think it's an 'arrangement problem'.

    Here's what I have so far :


    My usual stripped down style of mixing. 😉 Cut stuff out. Moved the Ambient Kick about.

    I think I remember you saying in a post that you're a drummer. I'd be interested to hear what a drummer thinks of the drums?

    ...I find them really bland. I quite like the track, but the drums are kinda middle of road, indie not much.

    I added a gated reverb to the kick and snare to give them some scale.... buuut, I think I might need to do the same for the Overheads - otherwise the drum kit will feel 'disconnected'.

    Opening Vocals sound a little bright to me at the mo'...

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