i used izotope for this this is... something i bought after getting pressure to master a client project i have always regretted (note i cant master for shit)

    there were issues with side chaining not working properly,the effects in nector have less flavor than vanilla and should be renamed MILK.

    i again tried to use the master assist and the track assist but i cant get them to sound good.

    there is a sculpt thing that i think is like soothe? but just doesnt seem to sound right to me.

    if you listen to warrens track his is super full and warm rich. and i could not match his results.

    i think there are probably great tools here but they are for someone who gets modern mixing more than i seem too.

    having said that im glad to have done this. im a little afraid of using new things especially mid side processioning and im aware that i need to get my feet wet and start using all the tools it the tool box when they are needed.

    let me know if you guys have feedback or suggestions of any kind.

    *ok based on pauls feed back i carved more on bass guitar, lowered drums overall and pushed 500hz on the acoustic

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