The Important of Getting Guitars In Phase
What do your plugins actually do?
A Beginner's Guide to Finger Drumming and Programming Beats Pt 1

For questions you can contact Ady via Discord, username Ady_HTRMS Download the Multitracks Here Download…

THICK Bass Tones
Marc Daniel Nelson Lesson 24th October
Mixing A Crazy Amount Of Drums
Tracking A One Man Band, Hunt Sales with Manny Nieto

Watch Manny Mix Diamond by Hunt Sales Download The Multitracks Here  

The Importance of Understanding Phase

Adam at Hop Pole Studio discusses the importance of Phase. Whilst crucial, this is a…

Let's Talk Guitars - Ep. 5
Hello PLAP Academy! Where’s a good place to start if you’re thinking about upgrading your…
Naregatsi Orchestra Recording & Mix Breakdown

Hey PLAPAnauts! Today I take you on a musical journey through Armenia and show you…

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