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Ed Thorne and Paul Third are the Working Audio Tools. Join them every week on their journey to becoming full-time mix engineers. Each episode features Ed and Paul constructively critiquing their mixes of tracks from the Produce Like A Pro Academy library of multi-tracks.

About Ed and Paul

Ed Thorne is a London-based professional drummer, live sound engineer, mix engineer, and YouTube content creator with 25 years of experience performing, recording, and producing music. Ed performs regularly, playing the drums for various pop and rock bands in London. His remote drum recording studio provides a facility to record his own music and drum tracks for other artists online. His expansive hybrid mixing studio is also the perfect place to have your tracks mixed. See his website for details.

Paul Third is not just a celebrated youtube audio geek, he is also a creative mix engineer with an honours degree in audio production. Paul is a huge advocate for headphone mixing and making the most of all the tools avaliable in today's ever expending technological age. If there's a plugin worth testing, chances are Paul's put it through its paces! See his website for details:

Last, but not least, is Ed and Paul's in-house mastering engineer, Marcell (ActDoMake), learn more about him here: