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William shenck


pro tools 19


English and google

Skill Set

tracking, mixing, mastering, ISRC manager, song writing/ blues, rock, metal (hard rock/thrash type)


guitar-electric/acoustic, bass, drums ok, keys a little, banjo/mando a little (still learning), back ups vocs,


A&H GL2432, david eden navigator, UA 4-710D, dbx 1231, dbx 166xl (3), 2 -ultra DI pro, 2 -power play pro headphone amps, 2 - 3630 comps, Apollo x16, iMac pro with Mojave, PT 19, Luna, 2 -m350 tc effects units , Mackie 1402, carvin 12 ch mixer, Roland 2480, Sony mdr v 700 and v 900 phones, audio tech phones, carvin 4 ch power amp, qsc power amp, Yamaha pa speakers, hartke bass amp/410 and 115 cabs, bogner uberschaull / cab, Gibson combo GA 40 RVT, PDP 5 pc kit, Yamaha MSP5 monitors, carvin bass, electra bass, bc rich virgin Guit, Gibson custom limited edition Guit, takamine acoustic, bunch of sm 57 / 58 mics, rode nth tube mic, sm7b, ksm27, dig ref, 2- akg d550, carvin drum mic kit, Lewitt rex 640, 440, sure pg 81's, and more mics, original alesis QS 8.1 keys with wood frame, classic. bunches of stomp pedals, more suits, more sparks, Yamaha emx 512 pa, dox 223xl crossover for the big PA, 2 - mcm custom audio 18 " subs . im sure im forgetting something. lots of stuff, tho I have thinned it out over the years. lol




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