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Tim Jenkins


Pro Tools

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Pro Tools 110M certified

SAE Audio Engineering Diploma

Guitarist of 25+ years

Sing a bit too

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Guitar, Bass, Vocals basic keys.






Liquid Saffire 56

Mac Pro Tower 2009

SE Electronics Z5300

Aston Element

Aston Starlight (Pair)

Kemper Profiler

Avid Dock

UAD Satellite

KRK VXT 8 Monitors

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I've been a guitarist and bedroom recorder for 20+ years.  I started out my love of recording whenI first heard Queen II, followed by A Night at the Opera.  I was floored by the layers of guitars and vocal harmonies.  My first adventure into multi tracking was a Tascam 488 MkII which I still have to this day.  I recently went through all my old recordings on that and transferred them to Pro Tools which is what I record with these days.

I've been playing guitar for 25+ years and my main influences are Brian May, Steve Vai and Joe Satriani...or at least that's where I started out.  As most guitarists will know you get introduced to other players when you jam with different people and get in bands.  So now my initial list of 3 guitarist is much bigger and includes the likes of Clapton, Mayer, Gilmour, Wylde, etc. etc.

I am currently trying to complete my own songs to release to the world.  Its quite a task doing it all yourself but its more a labour of love than something that will pay my mortgage.  The album project is why I'm here I want to learn as much as possible to make my mixes sound great.



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